USIS Nevada

The USIS Nevada acquiring a target with a triangulation laser, then firing its bombardment cannon.

The USIS Nevada is a light frigate of the US Imperial Navy. It appears in Section 8: Prejudice.


The USIS Nevada operated in a massive US Imperial strike force attack on discovered bases occupied by the Arm of Orion on the planet Boreas, in retaliation against the Arm of Orion's attack on the USIF military base Fort Solomon on Atlas.

When soldiers of the 8th Armored Infantry Division's 1st Recon Platoon located Arm Commander Thorne, they attempted to capture him alive for questioning. However, after a lost firefight with 1st Recon soldiers, Commander Thorne retreated to a heavily armored, heavily shielded command bunker and barricaded himself inside. After being notified of the situation by Captain Corde, General Stone then diverted the USIS Nevada to provide fire support for 1st Recon Platoon.

Though the command bunker's defenses were formidable, they were not invulnerable. The shields were deactivated by 1st Recon Platoon, who managed to hack the power consoles stationed outside the bunker, rendering it vulnerable to direct fire from the USIS Nevada. The bunker's heavy armor proved no match for the USIS Nevada's accurate bombardment cannon, which first deployed three red lasers in order to triangulate the bunker's location, and then fired the cannon in earnest. After two shots from the Nevada's bombardment cannon, the bunker's armor was severely weakened. The Nevada's third and final shot penetrated it entirely, destroying the command bunker.

A grievously injured Commander Thorne crawled out of the ruined command bunker and weakly attempted to flee, only to be apprehended by 1st Recon Platoon.