USIF Captains Powered Assault Armor image
USIF Captain's Powered Assault Armor
Vital statistics
Type Powered infantry armor
Effects Enhances combat performance
Source United States Empire
Cost to buy Unknown
Cost to sell Unknown

The USIF Captain's Powered Infantry Armor is a variant of the standard USIF Powered Assault Armor issued by the United States Imperial Forces.


The USIF Captain's Armor is mainly distributed to Armored Infantry captains but is also issued to other battlefield commanders or special forces.

It is a more embellished version of the standard power armor and can be used to distinguish officers among enlistees. The only changes are merely aesthetic, with Captain Armor having the same performance as standard armor.

Rather than having the dark blue color of the standard issue titanium aluminide armor, this variant is clad in a dark cobalt plating. The armor's artificial muscle nano-fiber strands are a dark crimson color (rather than the standard black). The armor's shield emitters are a solid white rather than a faint blue color and features a double collar bone ridge design. The final feature of the armor is that the shoulder plates are replaced with two large slabs of gold-colored titanium aluminide armor, on which the Imperial Eagle design is embedded, symbolizing the USIF's desire for exploration and peaceful expansion.


  • A Captain's version of the armor is available in the first Section 8, and can be obtained by pre-ordering the game. However, the one code for the armor is not exclusive to pre-ordered copies, and is actually used by all copies of the game regardless of whether it was pre-ordered (the code is 17013214).
  • In Section 8: Prejudice, the Captain's armor is almost identical to that of normal infantry armor, aside from a few changes to appearance, such as more embellished shoulder pauldrons and ornate decorations.