Tobias Rehnquist was a scientist who discovered the extremely valuable metal galavenium.


Little is known of Tobias Rehnquist's early life aside from the fact that he studied and successfully applied to become a US Imperial scientist. After an unknown event that ruined his career, Tobias was sent off to the frigid planet Boreas as a "failed" scientist to conduct an unknown mission. There he discovered the precious metal galavenium hidden beneath the planet's glaciers.

Despite this notable achievement, regional authorities around Boreas' star system soon descended on the planet, and massive mining operations followed soon after. With the planet's remote location and the increasingly violent disputes of regional factions over lucrative mining rights, the United States Empire then distanced itself from the planet and its conflicts entirely.

With all US Imperial interest in Boreas abandoned, Tobias Rehnquist and his crowning achievement soon faded into relative obscurity.