200px-Section 8 map Utah Crash Site - Relay
The Tactical Network (or TacNet, as it is more commonly called) is a multi-purpose tactical display with several main sections, each providing the user with a wealth of battlefield information and options.

The TacNet is able to be accessed by any soldier, whether they are an infantry, pilot, or commander. The information on the TacNet is composed of information collected from multiple sources, all sent onto a network shared by the soldiers utilizing it. For instance, if a scout goes out and spots an anti-aircraft battery, the information gathered by the scout's armor's scanning systems, such as infa-red, ultra-violet, and radar, along with real video, are all combined to ensure that the emplacement is there. Then, the information is sent onto the Tactical Network, where it can be seen by a dropship pilot utilizing the TacNet, so that they know that the area is covered by anti-aircraft and is dangerous.

All enemies or high-priority objects that are spotted are tracked until out of sensor range by the TacNet also, so that other infantry can always know where enemies are at. Also, orbiting satellites can track enemies and display the information on the TacNet, or recovering intelligence during a DCM (Dynamic Combat Mission) will reveal all enemy troop deployment locations.


Dropship: From here the burn-in location can be selected, loadouts can be modified, and squadrons can be managed.

Team: Allows the user to change teams during a Conquest game. Spectator mode can also be chosen.

Map: Shows the map, along with a legend for map icons. On the map, the location of all known enemies are shown, as well as the locations of enemy vehicles, objectives, sensor radius, anti-aircraft radius, and Control Points.

Scores: Displays the score of all players in the game. It additionally allows the user to view the Gamercard of any selected player.

DCMs: Shows which DCMs are available, active, and queued, along with team DCM points and descriptions.