The Spectre is a nimble hover bike used by the USIF.


First deployed in the days following the Outer Rim War, the Spectre's various weapons, agile, lightly armored frame and powerful hover engines make it well suited for scouting or short, sharp assaults on key enemy positions.

It is equipped with a belly-mounted rotary machine gun and a rapid-firing missile launcher, and features a jump jet capable of reaching altitudes well over ten feet. It also features a turbo boost to get into or out of a battle quickly. Additionally, a daring pilot can use the Spectre's jump jet or turbo boost to run over enemy infantry.


The Spectre Hover Bike is most suited for lightning-fast raids and light skirmishing; its speed and powerful weaponry allows it operate in a "hunter-seeker" fashion wherein it constantly prowls the battlefield searching for "prey" like isolated groups of infantry or turrets. It can also use its mobility and firepower for a more defensive support role, such as defending heavier and slower vehicles and strongpoints from enemy hover bikes or particularly cunning infantry attempting to close distances and outflank them.

However, the fragile Spectre cannot withstand as much damage as a mech or tank and should not be used for heavy frontline assaults except if the pilot is highly skilled in its usage.

The Spectre can be purchased for only 100 requisition points.