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During the Outer Rim War

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Black (shaven)

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Outer Rim War

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Leader of the Arm of Orion


Arm of Orion

Arm Commander Soren is the leader of the Arm of Orion. He is the main antagonist of the Section 8 game.

Soren is voiced by Kirk Thorton.


Little is known about Soren, though in Section 8: Prejudice, Captain Alexander Corde recovered a data packet that revealed Soren was once a member of the 8th Armored Infantry Division, or Section 8.

Soren and a battalion of elite 8th Armored soldiers were sent on a top-secret mission to eliminate a rogue group of genetically modified supersoldiers outside the fringes of US Imperial space. Though Soren and his entire unit of Section 8 soldiers were never heard from again, it was reported that he had encountered an entity known as 'Spear' shortly before all contact was lost with the USIF.

He then resurfaced as a commander for the ARM forces. Using his knowledge of Armored Infantry tactics to deadly effect, Soren was able to predict when or where the 8th Armored would strike with an almost uncanny ability.


Being the commander of all ARM forces, in addition to being a former 8th Armored Infantry officer, meant that Soren's termination was of high priority to the USIF. Thus, Soren created his own personal guard of Elite ARM Commandos, a bodyguard retinue dubbed Orion's Spear. He first appears on the planet New Madrid, ordering a Heavy Armor trooper to attack then-Private Alex Corde and his squad leader during the Outer Rim War.

Though he is mentioned in various intercepted Arm transmissions and dialogue thereafter, Soren only appears in person again when US Imperial Forces corner him and his Orion's Spear retinue on the planet Atlas at the climax of the Outer Rim War. During the climactic battle at the planet's Sky Hook spaceport, Commander Soren is killed by now-Lieutenant Alex Corde, sending the battered ARM forces in disarray and allowing US Imperial Forces to claim a decisive victory in the war.