Section 8 Edit

The Sniper Rifle is best used as a long range weapon capable of supporting an assault or harassing enemies without putting the user in harm. It is very powerful but also extremely slow to fire, making it poor in close ranges. Its accuracy while not zoomed in using optics is low, but when zoomed it is extremely accurate.

USIF: ISD-V4 Vanguard

ARM: RA-LR2 Red Talon

Section 8: Prejudice Edit

The Sniper Rifle is a very powerful 1.20 caliber long range weapon. It is the most accurate weapon in the game, becoming very close to pinpoint with 6 Gyro Stabilizer modules and zoom, but takes a long time to refocus after firing a shot. It is very effective against VIPs and Infiltrators. It has many modifications, such as:

Rail RoundsEdit

The basic rounds, Rail Rounds are most powerful against infantry, though not entirely useless against vehicles and structures.

Rapid Fire ModEdit

The Rapid Fire Mod increases fire-rate and still fires rail rounds, but decreases damage. This mod replaces the 1.20 caliber round with the smaller, but still very large, .85 caliber round, allowing four more rounds to be stored in the magazine.

Fragmentation RoundsEdit

Fragmentation Rounds (Or Frag Rounds for short) are bullets which explode in a small area when shot. Fragmentation Rounds increase damage against structures, and vehicles, and adds area damage. This change may become noticeable if the bullets are equipped with a Tungsten Coating. Despite its explosive nature, it is not affected by the Explosives Amplifier Upgrade.

Tagger RoundsEdit

Tagger Rounds add a sensor tag to the target, deal high anti-shield damage, low armor damage, and drains the target's energy over time. They are useful as a marking tool and for directing your allies to any nearby enemy defenders. However, they are not as useful at killing enemies as the other upgrades.