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About Section 8

Section 8 Wiki is an online database that documents everything about Section 8 and its ever expanding universe. The wiki is currently administrated by Ploxis.


Great men who made their mark in heroic fame or villainous infamy

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The lethal arsenal that ensures mankind's battlefield supremacy

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Top-of-the-line motorized engineering that makes up a truly elite military force

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Precious territories that feel the fires of war

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Section 8 - Defenders of Mankind

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Known by the military term used to describe insane soldiers, the 8th Armored Infantry Division, or Section 8, is one of the most feared military units in the United States Imperial Forces. Having pioneered the daring tactics and strategies now used by other USIF Armored Infantry divisions, Section 8 plummets from the sky to destroy its enemies with lightning speed and ruthless efficiency. Their legendary reputation ensures respect and awe from other soldiers and civilians of the United States Empire, and bone-chilling fear from any foe who has the misfortune of facing these elite daredevil soldiers. more...

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A Deviantart user by the name of squiddytreat has an awesome fan story for Section 8. Gore and monsters abound. You can find a sample here.

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