The 8th Armored Infantry Division, or Section 8, is an elite military unit of the United States Empire, nicknamed after the military term used to describe psychologically problematic soldiers.


Prior to the division's founding, much of the Empire's frontline combat tasks were handled by an army of genetically enhanced supersoldiers, whose task was to destroy any and all threats to mankind's interstellar expansion. Though these supersoldiers won countless victories for the Empire and allowed it to expand rapidly across the galaxy, the unstable genetic enhancements began to mutate every soldier both physically and mentally, causing them to become increasingly violent. Sensing the growing instability of this dangerous force, the Empire began to draft plans to replace the supersoldiers with a more reliable, but equally lethal military force.

Thus, new units like the 8th Armored Infantry Division were formed by distinguished officers who pioneered Armored Infantry doctrines, tactics, and the famous deployment method of Burning In. The newly formed 8th Armored quickly proved itself in combat, earning the moniker of Section 8, because the missions undertaken by these soldiers were often considered suicidal. However, the great success of Section 8 proved the efficacy of this new replacement force, and soon more Armored Infantry divisions were formed and expanded upon. Section 8 soon became part of the official frontline force of the United States Empire, the Armored Infantry, an unknown number of years prior to the desertion and eventual rebellion of the genetically enhanced supersoldiers, who would go on to form the Orion's Spear.

The division is currently led by General Barrett Stone.


True to their moniker, the division's standard method of deployment is throwing themselves out of Sky Crane dropships thousands of feet above the ground and Burning In to the battlefield. Thus, the term is given to this unit's soldiers because they are the pioneers of the "insane" Armored Infantry tactics that ensured the supremacy of the USIF across the galaxy, turning the tide of entire battles and wars in favor of the US Empire.

Once deployed, they employ ruthless rapid-assault tactics against their enemies, using on-demand, orbital-dropped emplacements and vehicles to devastating effect.

Thanks to their brutal training, they employ advanced USIF Powered Assault Armor with deadly efficiency. They also make use of powerful, state-of-the-art rail and plasma weaponry, which can make a mockery of even the most heavily armored infantry units and vehicles.


  • Alex Corde's grandfather, General Dean Corde, was among those high-ranking officers who developed Section 8's battle doctrine.
  • Section 8 soldiers are referred to as "Helldivers" on page 37 of the Section 8 Field Manual.

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