Section8 rocket turret
Rocket Turrets are deployables that fire volleys of missiles against any enemy that enters its sensor range. Rocket Turrets are most effective against enemy vehicles and structures. However, the turret will not target mobile infantry if a larger threat is detected. They are used by both USIF and ARM forces, and can be based at control points or called in as deployables.[1]


Rocket turrets have an internal computer which controls them and is linked to external optical sensors and the Tactical Network, allowing them to easily pick out targets. The main weapon consists of two rocket pods filled with 130 millimeter high-explosive rockets, sits atop the base on a network of servos, allowing the pods to aim precisely. It also has a handle used to access the turrets internal systems for maintenance.


Call down multiple rocket turrets to harrass an enemy. It easily tears through any type of armor and infantry caught in the blast will be instantly incinerated. It's best used to defend a control point or anti-aircraft turret. They can be put on roofs to make them even more lethal. Place these with mini-gun turrets, anti-aircraft turrets, and supply depots to have a very powerful defense network.

Calling down rocket turrets near a Convoy, Outpost's Landing Zone, or around a tank is a good way to quickly damage or destroy it.

In the Section 8 single-player mode, It is also very useful against Soren in his enhanced mech suit, being able to end the battle quickly provided the turrets are well positioned around a Supply Depot for during heavy combat.