Requisition is a system used to call down strategic items such as turrets and vehicles to gain a tactical advantage over enemy opposition on the field.

To gain requisition points, soldiers need to accomplish certain feats that add to their team's victory points. These include: Capturing strategic points on the map, killing enemies, and completing DCMs. They are also automatically supplied to each soldier periodically. Requisition points can also be transferred between soldiers, in order to pool their resources if individuals in a unit are running low.

Deployables available for requisition include Heavy Combat Mechs, Hover Bikes, AA Turrets, Mini-Gun Turrets, Supply Depots, Rocket Turrets, Tanks, and Sensor Arrays.

Trivia Edit

  • There is an achievement for dropping a deployable on top of an enemy player and killing them, known as "Improvised Orbital Cannon" in the original Section 8 game.
  • Requisition Points are represented by a US Dollar sign.