The Pulse Cannon is a plasma weapon used by the USIF and its enemies.

Gameplay Edit

Pulse Cannon
The pulse cannon is a devastating anti-shield weapon and its mods specialize its purpose. Before charging, it drains its plasma cell to create a large burst of plasma. This deals significant anti-shield damage, has a significant area-of-effect, deals decent splash damage, and can briefly distort the visor on power armor, making it a good weapon on groups or single enemies. The longer the cannon charges, the more damaging the shot on infantry. It is not as accurate at long ranges.


Pulse RoundsEdit

This mod is the standard mod for the Pulse Cannon and is more effective if shots are charged. Charge up shots to increase damage, effective against shields, poor against armor, but effective against most targets regardless. This is the basic unchanged mod of the Pulse Cannon, and the first mod the player can use.

Burst FireEdit

This mod fires a burst of three Pulse Rounds at the enemy, has the same added effects as the Pulse Charge shots but around one third of the damage per projectile. This mod is more forgiving to the user as if one or two shots miss, the other one or two still have a chance.

Riot ModEdit

Fires in a spread of four pulse rounds, similar to a shotgun, ineffective at long range, but effective at closer ranges. A shot will yield the same effects as a Pulse Charge, but has a more devastating effect to enemy armor if the shooter is close enough. This mod is more forgiving to the user as if a few shots miss the others still have a chance. This mod is the most effective against structures or vehicles. When used against structures or vehicles, the Riot Mod deals the same amount of damage regardless of whether it was charged or not.

EMP RoundsEdit

This mod fires EMP rounds which attack the victim's shield and drain their energy. Very high shield damage, very low armor damage output. Drains victim's energy over time. This is a more specific version of the Pulse Charge, made mostly to take out shields and is not as effective as the other mods against armor or against vehicles.