Planet Prometheus

Located on the fringes of human space, Prometheus is a hostile volcanic world that belongs to the United States Empire.


Prometheus houses a blistering environment in which no known multicellular lifeform could survive. With temperatures that could nearly melt USIF power armor and a surface scoured with volcanoes both volatile and unpredictable, Prometheus is reserved only for those made of sterner stuff.

Any hope of colonizing the planet was abandoned a century ago, when a group of 4th generation settlers were incinerated after a nearby mountain erupted. Despite the existence of valuable heavy mineral deposits on the planet’s molten surface, commercial mining enterprises consider operations on Prometheus to be disastrously unprofitable. The lack of commercial attention to the planet has doomed it to obsolescence, leaving it to join the rank and file of numerous other inhospitable worlds.

Old reports indicate that the USIF briefly maintained a military installation on the planet, but no USIF traffic has been seen in the system in decades. All information regarding the base’s purpose is strictly classified, and it is assumed the base ultimately met the same disastrous fate as the 4th generation settlers.

Trivia Edit

  • Prometheus is likely named after the Titan Prometheus, a figure in greek mythology who stole fire from the gods and gave it to mankind.