Section 8Edit

Were you looking for:

MOR-94 Hammer, The single-shot, or Heavy, pistol?

SIW7 Black Widow, The burst-fire pistol found only in the original Section 8?

Section 8: PrejudiceEdit

The Pistol is a highly effective medium range weapon. Due to its lack of a scope, it is inaccurate at longer ranges, but is excellent medium ranges and short ranges.

Slug RoundsEdit

These rounds are good against armor and average against shields. Standard issue pistol rounds.

Extended Mag ModEdit

The Extended Mag Mod increases both magazine size and reload time. It fires slug rounds that are the same as normal slugs.

Burst Fire ModEdit

The Burst Fire Mod combines the Extended Mag Mod with the burst fire of the Assault Rifle, firing three slug rounds per shot. Unlike the Assault Rifle, this does not increase accuracy or damage, but simply increases fire rate.

Concussion RoundsEdit

Possesses the ability to slow target down. They have a higher than average shield damage but with a tradeoff of lower than average armor damage.