An Outpost is a deployable used by both the USIF, rebel Arm of Orion, and the Arm's sponsor, Orion's Spear. It is used whenever forces require an effective forward staging area, and in this the multi-functional Outpost excels. 

Operation Edit

Outposts are relatively large field command centers. Though sturdy, Outposts cannot withstand sustained enemy fire, and must be protected at all times.

While they are used to house command staff, Outposts also incorporate the abilities (and hence operational mechanisms) of several deployables combined in one. Incorporated deployables are the sensor array, supply depot, and anti-air turret all combined into the Outpost. These deployables are all powered by a central generator located within the Outpost itself.

Unlike other, much smaller deployables that deploy via burn-in, the larger Outpost must be brought in by dropship