Operation: Guardian is a mission conducted by the United States Empire against the Arm of Orion during the Outer Rim War.

After the retrieving successfuly a data file from the wreckage of the USIS Utah during Operation: Black Box, the elite 1st Recon Platoon was dispatched to capture a previously undetected nuclear missile defense system that was operated by the Arm of Orion. This system of launch sites had fired a salvo of nuclear missiles which caught the 8th Armored Infantry Division off guard, killing an entire regiment in one salvo.

Ground forces, including 1st Recon, were immediately dispatched to stop a second missile launch from ravaging the fleet in orbit. Blackburn and 1st Recon had been sent to terminate the enemy silos but did not have enough time to accomplish the goal, thus they decided to target the fuel pumps.

Once the fueling site had been secured, the missiles had been temporarily disabled. Yet, new orders were given to destroy the missile sites themselves. A F17 Marauder Heavy Tank had been dropped onto the field for use by the Platoon, alllowing them to cut a swath to the missile sites. Additionally, Private Alex Corde managed to defeat two more M05 Silverback Heavy Armor troopers before the missile launch sites shut down and were secured, with United States Imperial Forces winning the day.

It was later discovered that the second missile launch was not meant for USIF troops, but for the civilian colonists of New Madrid. With the USIF victory, many thousands of innocent lives had been saved from the Arm's murderous act.


After the US Imperial troops secured the nuclear launch sites, the rest of the Arm defenses were negligible. The USIF thus began a major operation to retake the capital of New Madrid, Oasis City, and liberate the planet once and for all in Operation: Liberation.


Section 8 PS3 HD - Hard - 03 - Nuclear Dawn Part 1 2

Section 8 PS3 HD - Hard - 03 - Nuclear Dawn Part 1 2

Nuclear Dawn 1/2.

Section 8 PS3 HD - Hard - 03 - Nuclear Dawn Part 2 2

Section 8 PS3 HD - Hard - 03 - Nuclear Dawn Part 2 2

Nuclear Dawn 2/2.