Operation: Entrapment is the final mission conducted by the United States Empire against the Arm of Orion during the Outer Rim War.

Due to the Arm's catastrophic defeats on planet Atlas, it became clear they could not prevent the USIF from liberating the planet. Following the stunning USIF success of Operation: Decommission, Arm supply centers were irreversibly crippled as well. Commander Soren, leader of the Arm of Orion, made plans to evacuate the planet immediately. However, he was intercepted by US Imperial troops from the 8th Armored Infantry Division and 3rd Armored Infantry Division, who managed to corner him and his bodyguard contingent at the Skyhook spaceport. 

After a pitched battle with USIF troops, Soren was ultimately killed in a one-on-one duel with Lieutenant Alex Corde of the elite 1st Recon Platoon. Soren's remaining bodyguards either fought to the death or surrendered as the USIF secured the area. 


With Soren's death, Arm of Orion forces on Atlas and other planets soon fell into disarray. These battered remnants had no chance at resisting the might of the United States Empire as it assembled troops for more massive counterattacks. With many Arm forces retreating toward the galactic core, the United States Imperial Forces maintained pursuit, liberating planets and annihilating or capturing the last of the Arm forces.

The stunning success of Operation: Entrapment effectively marked the end of the Outer Rim War.


Section 8 PS3 HD - Hard - 08 - Land's End Part 1 2

Section 8 PS3 HD - Hard - 08 - Land's End Part 1 2

Land's End 1/2.

Section 8 PS3 HD - Hard - 08 - Land's End Part 2 2

Section 8 PS3 HD - Hard - 08 - Land's End Part 2 2

Land's End 2/2.