Neil Matthews
Biographical information
BirthplaceNew Machester, Central Federal District, Mars
Physical description
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorBrown
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationUnited States Empire
ConflictsOuter Rim War, Spear Crisis
PositionMarksman, 1st Recon Platoon, 1st Regiment, 8th Armored Infantry Division

Sergeant Neil Matthews is an expert sniper in the 8th Armored Division's 1st Recon Platoon. Although he is the youngest member of First Recon, Matthews is brash and cocky. His bravado is matched only by his deadly proficiency on the sniper scope.

Matthews is voiced by Artt Butler in Section 8, and by Matthew Wolf in Section 8: Prejudice.


Born in New Manchester, in the Central Federal District of planet Mars, Matthews' upbringing made him a natural woodsman. Growing up near harsh forest wilderness, rifle in hand, his innate hunting skills were born of necessity. Eagerly enlisting at 18 to escape a painful break-up with his high school sweetheart, Matthews wasted no time accepting deployments across the far reaches of space.

When his unit was completely wiped during the recent Arm of Orion uprising, Matthews was temporarily assigned to Corde’s First Recon squad. But Matthews’ skills as an uncanny marksman quickly made him indispensible.


During the opening battles of the war against the Arm of Orion, Private Matthews is first assigned to First Recon shortly after Corde becomes the leader of First Recon while Blackburn is transferred out to 3rd Recon. His knack for providing good intelligence to First Recon coupled with deadly sniper support quickly make him invaluable to First Recon. He continues to serve with First Recon through the battles of the Outer Rim War on the worlds of New Madrid and Atlas, including the 8th Armored Division's climactic victory during the Battle of Land's End, which resulted in the death of Arm Commander Soren.

In the months following the death of Soren and the conclusion of the Outer Rim War, Matthews quickly rose through the ranks and has now been promoted to the rank of Sergeant, though he continues to serve with First Recon. 

Matthews later fought in the Spear Crisis, distinguishing himself once again in intense battles against a newly revealed enemy, the Orion's Spear.


  • During a mission in Section 8: Prejudice, Matthews slowly utters the phrase "Would you kindly..." when requesting sniper support from Captain Corde. This is possibly a reference to the famous phrase frequently said in Irrational Games' Bioshock series. 
  • Matthews' relationship with his girlfriend has been changed in the sequel Section 8: Prejudice compared to Section 8. In Section 8, it was stated that he joined the US Imperial military after his marriage to his high school girlfriend. However, this has been retconned in Section 8: Prejudice, with Matthews joining the military to escape the break-up with his girlfriend instead. 
  • In the original Section 8 game, Matthews' hair was black instead of brown.