Section8 mortar
Used by both USIF and ARM forces the mortar is a large area bombardment munition, launching a shell that shatters mid-air into numerous impact explosives. Its long range and high arc make it ideal for large outdoor areas. When fired, the mortar automatically adjusts its trajectory to try to hit the location indicated by your crosshairs. Its projected detonation is displayed to all friendly soldiers.[1]

Section 8: PrejudiceEdit


Crash MortarEdit

The basic mortar, the Crash Mortar deals high damage to enemy vehicles and structures and low but still dangerous damage to enemy infantry. It is best used as an anti-vehicle and final attack weapon, and can be used to cause a avenger kill when you have died if aimed correctly at an unshielded and damaged enemy.

Riot MortarEdit

The Riot Mortar is more or less a bigger version of the Crash Mortar. It has a larger spread, which can be better for larger vehicles and against infantry but is weaker against small structures.

Napalm MortarEdit

The Napalm Mortar is a devastating Anti-Infantry weapon. It is capable of instantly killing some unshielded players and fatally crippling most others. It has a poor performance against shields.