Section 8 Edit

The Missile Launcher is a devastating anti-vehicle and anti-structure weapon. Its splash damage is less than would be expected, but is still very dangerous to infantry in the right hands at the right range. While its splash damage will not secure a kill, one or two direct shots to an infantry target without shields is often enough to get a kill.

USIF: MPRL-1 Trident

ARM: RA-MS3 Panther

Section 8: Prejudice Edit

The Missile Launcher retains its niche as the prime anti-vehicle weapon, though now gains 2 mods which can give it anti-infantry power. While it is not as versatile as the equipment that can do its job for it, it is still one of the preferred weapons to destroy vehicles and structures.

Crash MissilesEdit

The Crash Missiles are more or less the same missiles from Section 8, able to quickly kill enemy deployables and vehicles, the Crash Missiles are one of the best ways to destroy deployables and vehicles.

Rapid Fire ModEdit

The Rapid Fire Mod fires Crash Missiles at a faster fire rate, and though they might be slightly less damaging, they are not weak enough for it to be notable. This mod is useful for handling tanks, as it can let loose many more missiles before you are sighted and killed.

Napalm MissilesEdit

Napalm Missiles are more or less a direct version of Napalm Grenades, doing exactly the same job. Once a shield is down, one or two of these will easily kill the enemy. Napalm missiles are slightly less effective against deployables and vehicles.

Frag MissilesEdit

These Missiles are effective against both shields and armor. While they are considerably more powerful towards infantry, they are still only a longer range alternative to Frag Grenades. Some players may prefer to have both a gun and their Frags, and opt out of this ammo type. Highly effective against infantry, less so against deployables and vehicles.