Section 8 Edit

This gun can rip through armor like a hot knife through butter. Its effects against shielding is pitiful at best, making this one of the worst weapons at medium to long range. However, its sheer magazine capacity makes it effective at suppresive fire and at whittling down enemies as they close in. Due to the high armor damage and medium shield piercing range it will kill most enemy infantry in a matter of seconds at close range. The huge magazine allows the weapon to continue firing during multiple close-range firefights, though the MG's very long reload time poses incredible risks to an exposed wielder. The weapon is very effective in tight quarters, such as indoors.

USIF: R-KMG7A Ripsaw

ARM: HKD10 Orion

Section 8: Prejudice Edit

If any gun was enhanced in Prejudice, it was the machine gun. The Machine Gun retains its high effectiveness at short to medium range and can even be used at long range if you are accurate enough and can use controlled bursts, though Gyro Stabilizers are best for ranged MG shooting. It still has its trademark huge reload time and similarly huge magazine size. With its many different rounds, one for every single different type of target, the Machine Gun is tied with, possibly even winning against, the Assault Rifle in its versatility.

Ammunition options are as follows:

Slug RoundsEdit

The basic Machine Gun rounds, the Slug Rounds are very good against armor and somewhat below average against shields. It is not the best anti-shield weapon, but it gets the job done.

EMP RoundsEdit

EMP Rounds convert the Machine Gun into a dangerous anti-shield weapon, it shoots EMPs faster than any other EMP weapon and can take down shields in a matter of seconds. Has low but still somewhat useful damage against armor.

Incendiary RoundsEdit

Incendiary Rounds convert the Machine Gun into a devastating anti-armor weapon, being more similar to a long-range flamethrower than the Machine Gun it actually is. Has pitifully low shield damage but will obliterate enemy armor, and still do damage after the shooter stops firing thanks to the fire it creates on enemy targets.

Crash RoundsEdit

Crash Rounds convert the Machine Gun into a moderately effective anti-structure weapon. While it becomes much more dangerous to vehicles and deployables than it was before, it loses some of its infantry killing powers. It is not useless against infantry, but it is not as good as any of the other mods.