Lemiska Salvador
Biographical information

Earth, Solar System

Date of death

During the Spear Crisis

Physical description



Mutated Human




More than ten feet

Hair color

Unknown (bald)

Eye color


Chronological and political information

Early Colonization, Outer Rim War, Spear Crisis

Notable Facts

He is the undisputed leader of Orion's Spear


Orion's Spear

General Lemiska Salvador is the mutated leader of Orion's Spear. He is the main antagonist of Section 8: Prejudice.

Salvador is voiced by Taylor Henry.


Lemiska Salvador was once a regular soldier who volunteered for a secret project, codenamed Spear. This secret project gave these volunteers genetic enhancements and advanced weaponry. Once organized, Salvador and others were ordered by the United States Empire to terminate any threats to mankind's interstellar expansion, and protect settlers as they terraformed hostile worlds.

Though he and the Spear won countless victories and allowed mankind to expand across the galaxy, the exhausting speed and ruthless brutality of the Spear's expansion campaigns led Salvador to become increasingly bitter at his vital, yet thankless role. Further affecting Salvador's view were the unstable genetic enhancements that turned him into a supersoldier, as these began to mutate Salvador both mentally and physically to the point where he no longer resembled a human, and where he began to become increasingly violent.

When the US Empire's high command, the Senate Command, attempted to disband the Spear, Salvador violently objected. He and the Spear supersoldiers eventually went rogue, fleeing beyond the outer reaches of US Imperial space and forming the rebel group Orion's Spear.


Salvador was personally responsible for manipulating the Arm of Orion in starting the Outer Rim War, convincing former Section 8 soldier Commander Soren and many soldiers to turn against the US Empire. Salvador directed the funneling of money, weapons, and resources to the Arm of Orion in their war against the Empire.

After the Arm's catastrophic defeat, Salvador personally led the Orion's Spear in combat against the United States Imperial Forces in the Spear Crisis, which led to the complete annihilation of Orion's Spear and his own death at the hands of Captain Alex Corde.