Ian Edward Blackburn
Biographical information
BirthplaceGrand Duchy of Australia, New Zealand Province, Earth
Physical description
HeightMore than six feet
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBlue
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationUnited States Empire
ConflictsOuter Rim War, Spear Crisis, numerous smaller wars
PositionCommanding Officer, 105th Combat Infantry Battalion, 1st Regiment, 10th Guards Infantry Division

Major Ian Edward Blackburn is the leader of the 8th Armored Infantry Division's 3rd Recon Platoon, but also held command of the legendary 1st Recon Platoon. Recently he is a flexible battlefield commander, being constantly transferred to command or reinforce several different USIF units as the situation dictates, including serving alongside 1st Recon once again.

Blackburn is voiced by James Anthony in Section 8, and by J.B. Blanc in Section 8: Prejudice.


Born in the Grand Duchy of Australia, of the New Zealand Province on Earth, Blackburn is the son of nobility. His father, Grand Duke Tomas Michael Blackburn, is the ruler of the Grand Duchy of Australia. As the youngest son, Blackburn knew his three older brothers held a greater chance of inheriting the crown than he. In addition, Blackburn found his family’s decadence, supported by the blood, sweat, and tears of the lower classes, to be empty and corrupt. Studying the great thinkers of history pointed him to pursue a noble military career, dedicated to liberating the weak and protecting the freedoms of all mankind. Thus, Blackburn applied to and was accepted into the USIF Military Academy on Pollux IV, where he graduated at the top of his class.

Since then, he has served with distinction for nearly twenty years, having successfully engaged in numerous border conflicts in the Spinward Reaches. He has become a widely respected warrior-philosopher that is no stranger to forging paths of success against brutal enemies, impossible odds, and heavy fire. His ferocious spirit, analytical mind, and near flawless track record on the battlefield inspire intense loyalty and tap hidden reserves of strength among his men.



  • Blackburn had served with Sergeant Hawthorne on one or more accounts and after the latter's death, and specifically requested Alex Corde, the only surviving member of Hawthorne's unit, to be transferred to his squad.