The Hover Bike is a relatively new vehicle used for reconnaissance and quick raids. It only appears in Section 8: Prejudice.

Weapons Edit

The Hover Bike’s weaponry consists of anti-infantry and anti-structure systems, including dual-mounted anti-infantry miniguns and a rapid-fire anti-structure missile launcher. Both weapons, the miniguns and the missile launcher, use the same power bar. This means that a target cannot be weakened with missiles and finished off with a hail of anti-infantry fire, because the bike will only have enough power left to shoot approximately 10 bullets.

Section 8: Prejudice Edit

USIF: Spectre

ARM: Valkyrie

While structurally weaker than the other vehicles, it is the fastest and most mobile. It has a Speed Boost function allowing it to quickly move far distances or use its sheer speed to run over enemy infantry, and also has a Jump Jet ability to cross gaps, circumvent obstructions and reach higher ground. The Jump Jet can also be used to evade enemy projectile fire such as missiles. The bike is very good for rapid combat response with these two functions, and when the Speed boost and Jump jet are activated simultaneously it becomes capable of reaching its intended destination within seconds.

The Bike is not best for fighting Mechs at close range due to its weak armor, as a Mech can rip it apart. At longer ranges it can deal some damage to Mechs. It is somewhat more viable for versing a Tank, as a tank is much bigger and cumbersome, allowing the Bike to deal a good amount of damage. Beware of the Tank's weapons though, as two or three shells can put a bike out of the battlefield and into the junkyard for Ablative Layering revision. It can be a devastating Convoy-killer if the Convoy is unmanned, occupied with other matters, immobile, or if the Bike can dodge the Convoy's attacks.