The Heavy Armor, or Mech, is a dangerous close quarters anti-infantry vehicle operated by a single unit. It is reasonably useful at offensive actions and defensive actions, such as assaulting or protecting a base or DCM.


All mechs, regardless of their model and affiliation, have the same weaponry. The mech has a bone-shattering melee attack, twin machine guns, and the ability to close the distance between it and its soon-to-be victim with a large leap, though this leap requires a lot of energy and much recharge. These weapon systems can kill infantry quickly and often before they even know what hit them. It is somewhat effective against turrets, its melee attack being able to dispose of them easily once it can close the distance, though normally taking moderate damage in between.

Section 8 Edit

USIF: MA3 Kodiak

ARM: M05 Silverback

Section 8: PrejudiceEdit

More or less the same as its original version, though now referred to as a Mech instead of Heavy Armor. It retains its status as a powerful defensive weapon, though somewhat loses its status as the best offensive weapon. It is outmatched in speed by the Bike, and in long range power by the Tank, but beats both in its ability to decimate enemies in close quarters. It is a powerful unit for protecting other vehicles, being able to take a large amount of damage and protect smaller, weaker but more damaging allies like bikes, or more expensive allies like tanks. It can kill infantry, while the other vehicles focus on enemy deployables and vehicles.