Outfitted with hostile proximity detection, these grenades explode only when they detect nearby threats, greatly simplifying their use. Their proximity detection will also prevent them from exploding whenever their owner is within the blast radius, making them truly smart grenades.[1]

Section 8Edit

Grenades can sometimes penetrate shields, but are better used against armor and even deployables.

Section 8: PrejudiceEdit


All grenades in Section 8: Prejudice have proximity triggers as well as detonation timers, except the Fuse Grenade.

Fragmentation GrenadesEdit

Frag Grenades are the basic grenades, and are good against shields and armor. They operate by detonating an explosive when triggered, which shatters the case of the grenade, spewing deadly fragments of flaming metal everywhere.

Fuse GrenadeEdit

A version of the Frag Grenade without proximity detection, the Fuse grenade activates after an amount of time and deals more damage in a larger explosion.

EMP GrenadesEdit

Electro-Magnetic Pulse Grenades (Or EMP Grenades for short) are almost always an instant shield drainer. They also negate lock-on and other armor functions (Such as Overdrive and jetpack), making them good for priming a victim to die. These grenades have poor damage against armor.

Napalm GrenadesEdit

Napalm Grenades effectively kill almost anything without a shield. Even if the victim survives the initial explosion, the superhot flames will eventually kill them. These grenades have poor shield damage.