There are several different types of game modes available in the Section 8 games. Each has a different and unique aspect which allows them to appeal to a different type of player.

Section 8Edit

Conquest Edit

A game mode in which Section 8 and Arm of Orion forces battle against each other. This can take place on any different sized map. The goal is to reach a certain amount of victory points, and whoever reaches this amount first wins. The main goal is to capture Control Points and kill enemy soldiers, each earning victory points for their team. There are also multiple DCMs to complete, which award victory points.

Section 8: PrejudiceEdit


Conquest returns in the sequel Section 8: Prejudice, same as before but with more DCMs and even more maps.


A four-man team of USIF soldiers defend a Control Point for fifteen minutes against overwhelming waves of ARM and SPEAR forces, and must prevent the control point from being captured by enemy forces. The enemies batter at their defenses with infantry, bikes, and mechs, though USIF defenders can call down turrets and vehicles to aid them.


Assault is a team-versus-team game mode where teams race to capture all Control Points in the fastest time. While in the attack round, players must work together to capture all control points. During the defense round, players defend their bases for as long as possible.

Once a team succeeds or in fails in their respective attacking or defending roles, they switch roles. Each successful attack or defense session awards one point; the first team to reach three points wins. The level of success players have in their roles also rewards them with bonuses when they switch roles, such as having to capture only half the Control Points or having to defend their positions for a reduced time proportional to how quickly they won the attacking round.


Skirmish mode pits the 8th Armored Infantry against the Arm of Orion in a team death match with a twist. Victory Points are awarded per each kill and DCMs completed. Control Points cannot be captured nor hacked in this game mode.

Video DemonstrationEdit

Section 8 Prejudice (Game mode conquest)

Section 8 Prejudice (Game mode conquest)

Section 8: Prejudice Conquest Mode.

Games Thirst Section 8 Prejudice Swarm gameplay

Games Thirst Section 8 Prejudice Swarm gameplay

Section 8: Prejudice Swarm Mode.

Section 8 Prejudice Assault mode

Section 8 Prejudice Assault mode

Section 8: Prejudice Assault Mode.

Section 8 Prejudice Overseer Skirmish

Section 8 Prejudice Overseer Skirmish

Section 8: Prejudice Skirmish Mode.