Fort Solomon

USIF Forward Operating Base Solomon, or simply Fort Solomon, is a large military installation that houses the 8th Armored Infantry Division, located on the planet Atlas.


Following the end of the Outer Rim War, the USIF learned a costly lesson in that it possessed only a minimal military presence on Atlas, which was regarded as a lush garden world, but presented no strategic advantage in its location or resources. After the world was retaken from the Arm of Orion, the USIF began expansion of the military facilities that would later be known as Fort Solomon, completing it shortly after.

Fort Solomon houses extensive facilities. These include, but are not limited to, those facilities used to train Armored Infantry recruits, including barracks, firing ranges, a small Sky Crane hangar situated beside a concrete site used to practice the Burning-In deployment method, and various obstacle courses designed to test an Armored Infantry trooper's knowledge of their advanced weapons and power armor systems.

The installation is also home to a well-guarded maximum security prison, used for the containment and interrogation of enemy prisoners. Large gates separate the different sections of Fort Solomon, such as the Prison section from the Training section. The sections are both linked by well-paved roads and protected by auto-turret emplacements and intermittently placed guard posts. In addition, Sky Crane dropship hangars dot the base, for rapid deployment of Armored Infantry soldiers in the event of an emergency.



  • The Latin phrases shown on the Training section are "Nex ex Astrum" (roughly translated to "Death from the Stars") and "Victum ex Humus" (roughly translated to "Conquer on the Ground").