Each player must choose two equipment modules. Equipment can do a variety of things from siphoning the health out of players, to replenishing the health in players.

  • Knife, allows player to use a powerful melee at point blank range.
  • Micro Sensor, allows players to launch a short range Sensor.
  • Sensor Blocker, when active the player and nearby allies cannot
  • Be detected by enemy sensors and HUDs.
  • Be locked-on to.
  • Be targeted by turrets.
  • Repair Tool, allows players to Heal themselves, allies, vehicles, deployables and their stationary counterparts. repair speed is increased by the Repair Field passive module.
  • Grenade, gives players 3 grenades.
  • Mortar Launcher, gives players 4 long-range mortars.
  • Det Pack, gives players 5 remotely detonated, sticky explosives.