Earth is the capital world of the galaxy-spanning United States Empire.

Description Edit

As the crown jewel of the United States Empire, Earth is the most powerful world in human space. It is home to the seat of the Imperial government, and is an attractive planet in its own right, being described as a utopian paradise.

Notably, Earth's population consists of evolved humans that are genetically superior to any human inhabiting the United States Empire's planetary colonies. These new evolved humans are stronger, smarter, and faster than the average human. Having endured the harrowing conditions of an old and ravaged Earth while others fled to settle other planets, the original population gradually evolved to withstand Earth's hostile planetary conditions and restore Earth to the grand capital world it is today.



Centuries before the events of the original Section 8, a sorely overpopulated Earth was heavily polluted and depleted of resources. In desperation, populations of whole national regions embarked on a massive interstellar colonization program, migrating to other far-flung worlds across the stars. Billions of people then began the hazardous journey away from Earth to planets like Atlas, New Madrid, and even the hostile Prometheus.

Those remaining on Earth were unexpectedly plunged into a cataclysmic era of planetary rebirth. Decades of natural disasters, famine, and plagues mercilessly purged the world from milennia of damage and abuse- killing untold billions.

But when it was over, utopia emerged. Because of major technological advancements in every manner of science available, Earth's surviving population had evolved and become stronger- physically, mentally, and genetically. This new breed of humanity was able to use its new technology to restore Earth from a depleted, polluted wasteland to a lush, verdant paradise.