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Detonation Packs (Often called Detpacks for short) are used by both ARM and USIF forces. These remotely detonated devices are the perfect device for devastating traps or undercover sabotage. Several detpacks may be placed and detonated simultaneously for a larger area of effect, making them indispensable for taking out base infrastructures ahead of a full-on assault.[1]


The Detpack consists of a four-sectioned metal pad, which has the ability to stick to any surface, and a small cylindrical metal container, which contains the explosives. The explosives, a very destructive plastic explosive called C-5, is contained within the cylinder. The cylinder itself, along with the metal pads, are made to fragment when intense heat and pressure is applied to them.

Also inside of the cylinder is an igniter, which starts the explosion. On top of the cylinder is a small button that is used to arm the Detpack. Over the four pads are a group of sensors, which will activate the igniter as soon as they detect an enemy or when remotely detonated. The resulting explosion is catastrophic, and the metal in the Detpack is turned into a concentrated blast of superheated molten metal. This is enough to severely damage almost anything.

Section 8: PrejudiceEdit


Crash PackEdit

The Crash Pack is a good anti-structure and anti-vehicle weapon that is remote detonated. Place 3-4 of these and most deployables and non-tank vehicles will be destroyed. It has high vehicle damage and low infantry damage.

Concussion PackEdit

The Concussion Pack slows down enemies, depletes shields and is remote detonated. It has low armor damage and high shield damage.

Proximity PackEdit

The Proximity Pack activates when an enemy comes near it and then explodes, often killing enemy infantry if more than 2 packs are in the area. It has very high infantry damage and medium vehicle damage. More or less, it is a landmine, and is great for trapping control points and other objectives.

Note: If you stick a Detpack to a soldier it does not always detonate instantly.



  • Place Detpacks in tight doorways, corridors, and turns near strategic locations and detonate when enemies come close.
  • Place Detpacks on or near a Control Point that you hacked or is currently under assault on the side where enemies are least likely to approach from or see and detonate for the a kill, a defense feat, and a higher change of victory for your team.
  • Ambush a Heavy Armor in a group from the side or behind by sticking it with Detpacks and detonating it or firing at one or launching a rocket at it for a more devastating effect.