Dean Corde
Biographical information
Physical description
HeightMore than six feet
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationUnited States Empire
ConflictsEarly Colonization Wars

General Dean Corde is a famous officer of the 8th Armored Infantry Division and grandfather of the Section 8 franchise's main protagonist, Alexander Corde.

Background Edit

General Corde is one of the founding members of the famed battle methods now used by the 8th Armored Infantry Division and all Armored Infantry units as a whole. He is known to have trained with the Orion's Spear, an army of supersoldiers who once fought for the United States Empire during mankind's early years of interstellar colonization.

When a new military force was formed to eventually replace the Spear, the Armored Infantry, General Corde and other distinguished officers developed the tactics and strategies that would first be used in "test units" like the 8th Armored Infantry Division, then to other Armored Infantry Divisions once their efficiency had been proved; chief among these new tactics was the notorious "Burn In" deployment method.

As the 8th Armored honed its skills on the battlefield, General Corde served with General Stone. The two quickly became close friends, with both owing their lives to each other during many a brutal battle. Eventually, the success of these new Armored Infantry battle methods was beyond any doubt, and new Armored Infantry divisions were quickly formed or expanded upon. The Spear were then disbanded and replaced by the Armored Infantry.

Unfortunately, the genetic enhancements had mutated every Spear soldier both mentally and physically, causing them to become increasingly unstable. The Spear's condition eventually degraded to the point where they became extremely violent, going rogue and vowing to destroy the Empire they once fought for. At some point after the Armored Infantry became the Empire's official military ground force, General Corde took part in a mission to destroy the Spear, the very soldiers he once trained with. General Corde's fate during this mission is unknown, though the Armored Infantry force that Corde led was known to have failed in its mission, indicating that Dean Corde may have died fighting Orion's Spear.

Before his deployment against the Spear, General Corde sired several grandsons, with Alexander Corde as the eldest. Young Alexander Corde would eventually go on to serve with distinction in the 8th Armored Infantry Division, his grandfather's own unit, continuing his grandfather's famed legacy.

Trivia Edit

  • The original Section 8 game once stated that Dean Corde was Alex Corde's father. However, that fact has been retconned in Section 8: Prejudice, with new sources saying that Dean is Alex Corde's grandfather instead.
  • DeanCordeinSection8PrequelPrettyPlease

    A customizable Dean Corde in the "joke" Section 8 prequel, Section 7: Into Arm's Way

    In 2010, TimeGate Studios announced a prequel to the original Section 8 with General

    Dean Corde talking with a younger General Stone in the "joke" prequel, Section 7

    Corde as the main character, called Section 7: Into Arm's Way . Set thirty years before the events of the original Section 8, the game would chronicle the early

    Dean Corde and his squad in gameplay for the "joke" prequel, Section 7

    years of the 8th Armored Infantry Division as they fought across the galaxy; the game would also include General Stone as an important character. However, the entire game announcement was an April Fool's joke .