The Convoy is a heavily armored support vehicle that is dropped in the Convoy DCM.


The Convoy is used by the USIF and its enemies, the Arm of Orion and Orion's Spear, to transport cargo or personnel in any situation ranging from secure bases to raging battlefields. Though slow, the Convoy is by no means vulnerable. It has armor on par with tanks, along with two powerful weapon systems: rapid-fire missile launchers and a cluster mortar launcher. The weapon systems must be operated in two different secondary seats by two soldiers.

Upgrade Edit

Following the Outer Rim War, Convoy vehicles were retrofitted with more powerful thrusters allowing them to perform a vertical boost that 'jumps' them over obstacles or out of any positions they are stuck in.

Section 8 Edit

The Convoy DCM should be won if possible, as the reward for it is very powerful. As the game goes on though, the need to complete this DCM goes down, though it can still be useful. It can be used as a sort of light tank early in the game if a team is lucky enough to get it.

Section 8: Prejudice Edit

The Convoy DCM is now more important than ever, as players have access to the hover bike, which can decimate fortifications and turrets to prepare for a full charge. While the bike is very powerful in this respect, the Convoy is even more powerful.

It has the armor of a tank and even if it lacks the main cannon and minigun turret, the Convoy is still able to cause an impressive amount of destruction. It can easily take on bikes and mechs as well, as it can field considerably more missiles than the Bike, along with mortars. With proper support, the Convoy can attack entire bases. Additionally, the Convoy is now more versatile with the addition of thrusters to allow the Convoy to make a short jump out of or over an obstacle.