Control Points (
CPs) are independent computer structures that manage a network of structures around an area. These can be hacked and, if defended long enough, the Control Point and its surrounding structures will fall under the team's command. Securing Control Points is a key element in achieving victory on the battlefield.


Control Points are essentially very large computers that manage all surrounding devices. On top, they have several communications emitters, which allow them to communicate to all objects within their control. Whenever a structure under their control is damaged, Control Points deploy small flying drones, usually two at a time, to repair damaged structures within their network.

There is a control panel on two sides. This control panel is composed of a holographic console which displays information about the control point, as well as an interactive keypad. The projectors for said holograms are protected behind thick bulletproof glass. They are also encased in an orange metal armor which protects them from various types of attacks, including kinetic, energy, and explosive damage.

Gameplay Edit

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An allied Control Point

S9-Win32-F 2012-01-17 11-28-32-75

A neutral control point

Possessing a Control Point means possessing the structures that it controls for a team's usage. A control point can be controlled by only one team at a time. Allied control points are represented with a blue icon, and enemy control points are represented with a red icon; neutral control points have white icons.

Control Points, unlike other structures, cannot be destroyed or disabled; they can only be hacked.