The Bomber is an aircraft used by both the USIF and its enemies to attack ground targets.


Bombers are used to travel at very high speeds to deliver a large payload of high-yield explosives directly over the target area at high or low altitudes.

While bombers are capable of pinpoint airstrikes with single warheads, they prefer to deploy large numbers of bombs in a "rolling barrage", wherein their payloads are dropped in the approach leading to the target area as well as on the target itself. This creates a large swath of destruction that destroys all in its path.

Involvement Edit

Bombers were first seen in the Spear Crisis by the rebel group Arm of Orion in their diversionary assault on planet Atlas, destroying USIF sensor stations and AA gun turrets in a successful attempt to stage a jailbreak and free Commander Thorne. They were later used by Commander Thorne in the Arm's attempt to defend their bases on planet Boreas from a USIF counteroffensive. In the event, the USIF had routed the Arm's forces and forced Thorne to retreat to a heavily shielded bunker.

In his attempt to prevent the elite soldiers of 1st Recon from hacking into the bunker's shielding systems and disabling them, Thorne ordered a series of airstrikes around the bunker's general area. While 1st Recon managed to avoid the bomber attacks, many of Thorne's own men were caught in the strikes while trying to protect him, and died as a result.

Later, after any remaining Arm forces were incorporated into the newly-revealed army of supersoldiers the Orion's Spear, bombers were used to attack USIF bases on the planet Prometheus.

Trivia Edit

  • The USIF calls in airstrikes every five minutes during the Swarm mode of Section 8: Prejudice multiplayer.
  • In the Section 8: Prejudice Online Multiplayer, the Airstrike DCM can be activated and a bomber delivers the strike once the marker has been armed.