Section8 micro sensor

The Beacon is a small device deployed from a suit of Power Armor that has a certain effect in a small area.

Section 8Edit

In the original Section 8 game, beacons were once known as Micro Sensors. Micro Sensors attach to any surface and scan for nearby threats, revealing them on TacNet.

Discreet and reusable, the Micro Sensor is an essential espionage tool. A micro sensor remains deployed as long as its owner remains active, even if you switch to another piece of equipment. However, it will auto-destruct if its owner is defeated or if its owner changes Loadouts.

Section 8: PrejudiceEdit

In the sequel Section 8: Prejudice, the Micro Sensor has been renamed to simply "Beacon". Beacons now come in different variants, with each variant having different effects on the battlefield upon deployment.

Sensor BeaconEdit

Fulfilling the role of the original Micro Sensor, the Sensor Beacon is able to scan and detect enemies and enemy objects within a small radius. It is ideal for scouting ahead, defending against hidden intruders, or preparing an assault.

Jammer BeaconEdit

The Jammer Beacon stops all enemy radars, lock-ons, and Sensor Beacons. It is ideal for any stealth operations.

Impedance BeaconEdit

The Impedance Beacon stops all nearby regeneration of enemies (such as the regeneration of shields, overdrive, jetpack and health). It is useful when an enemy has been damaged, then slips away and you do not want them to come back out with full capabilities.