The BM-17 Griffin is an all-purpose dropship used by the rebel group Arm of Orion and its ally the Orion's Spear.

Description Edit

The Griffin is designed to transport vehicles, deployables, and infantry to the battlefield from orbit. Arm dropships are always piloted by onboard AI units, preferring to use all human assets in active combat roles. The orbital delivery system ensures battlefield deliveries are made outside the range of Anti-Air Turrets. The AI controlled drop ships will deliver their intended payload to the battlefield regardless of any risks, so care should be taken when planting a drop ship beacon as the ship may be destroyed by enemy AA fire.[1]


In the days following the Arm's catastrophic defeat and near-dissolution in the Outer Rim War, Griffins underwent major aesthetic changes; they now bear closer resemblance to older first-model Sky Crane dropships once used by its enemy, the USIF. Griffins were also outfitted with an arsenal of weapons in order to better support ground troops, including attached rocket launchers, missiles, and machine guns.

Section8 griffin

Older Griffin model in the original Section 8

Trivia Edit

  • In Section 8: Prejudice, if one attempts to collide with a Griffin, the player would go right through it. The same is with jetpacking up to it. Essentially, it is intangible but can still be damaged by enemy fire.

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