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Atlas is a luxurious garden world belonging to the United States Empire. It is located in the Clavius System.


Affectionately referred to as the “Home away from Home,” Atlas is a lush planet rich with life. Locals have lived there for many generations, and some will argue that its natural beauty dwarfs that of even Earth itself. For instance, the Twine Expanse, a valley located on the southern continent, is the size of Australia and houses a wider variety of plant life than is found on all of Earth. Its allure is said to be indescribable even to the most inspired poet.

In contrast to its wealth of life forms, the planet is largely devoid of minerals used in modern commercial or military ventures. The planet’s location in the Outer Rim presented no strategic advantage to the USIF, therefore there was a minimal military presence. These facts yielded the element of surprise for the Arm of Orion when they sparked the invasions that grew into the Outer Rim War.

With enemy forces deeply entrenched, Atlas became the focal point for many critical encounters between the Orion and USIF forces, including the renowned battle at Land’s End that resulted in the death of Arm Commander Soren. Having learned a costly lesson in the lives of its soldiers and civilians they were assigned to protect, the USIF now maintains one of its largest military installations on Atlas, including numerous smaller installations like Fort Solomon.

Atlas once again saw conflict during the Spear Crisis. After the Outer Rim War, the sponsors of the Arm of Orion, the Orion's Spear, freed many Arm of Orion prisoners during a major jailbreak, including the Arm's remaining leader, Commander Thorne. This event marked the beginning of the Crisis. 

Trivia Edit

  • Atlas is likely named after the Titan Atlas, a figure in greek mythology who supported the world on his shoulders.