Alexander William Corde
Biographical information
BirthplaceWashington, Eastern Atlantic Coast Federal District, Earth
Physical description
Hair colorBrown (shaven)
Eye colorBlue
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationUnited States Empire
RankSergeant (Early Section 8)

Lieutenant (Later Section 8)

Captain (Prejudice)

ConflictsOuter Rim War, Spear Crisis
PositionCaptain, 1st Regiment, 8th Armored Infantry Division

Captain Alexander William Corde is the leader of the 8th Armored Infantry Division's 1st Recon Platoon and the main protagonist of the Section 8 game series.

Alex Corde is voiced by David Vincent.


Born in Washington, on the Eastern Atlantic Coast Federal District of Earth, Corde is the eldest sibling in his family. As the grandson to General Dean Corde, revered father of the USIF Armored Infantry, Alex grew up with a privileged household name. After graduating Earth's elite USIF Academy, he was offered his pick of several high-ranking political or military command seats. But, determined to prove worthy of his grandfather's legacy on his own terms, Corde enlisted into the Armored Infantry.

Fearless leadership, unrivaled burn-in maneuverability, and devastating battlefield prowess earned Corde an invitation to volunteer for the 8th Armored's most elite unit: the 1st Recon Platoon.

Focused, intelligent, and singularly dedicated to his men and mission, Corde never hesitates to face the impossible or accept difficult sacrifices in order to protect Earth and its galactic colonies.


Corde served with distinction in the Outer Rim War, rising quickly in the ranks through merit alone. In the course of a few weeks, the span of the Outer Rim War, Private Corde (1 mission) was promoted to Corporal Corde (2 missions), then to Sergeant Corde (1 mission), briefly promoted to Lieutenant Corde (2 missions), and finally promoted to Captain Corde. In the battle against rogue general Soren on the planet Atlas, Lieutenant Corde killed Soren in close quarters combat, breaking the back of the Arm of Orion's leadership and overall war effort.

Captain Corde again served with distinction in the Spear Crisis, fighting the Orion's Spear across the galaxy and even vanquishing their leader, General Salvador, in a climactic battle.


There is currently no evidence to determine Corde's personality or psychological state. However, his calm demeanor before burning in and prowess during battle suggest a seasoned soldier or a person controlled by the in-flight stims administered prior to burning in. Corde does not appear to be a battle-hardened veteran, thus it may be that the stims may at least contribute to his focused mental state.

Notably, the "Section 8 Field Manual" (the game's instruction booklet) mentions Corde volunteering for a position in the 8th Armored Infantry, perhaps in an effort to emulate his grandfather's military record as a highly distinguished member of Section 8.

Trivia Edit

  • Based on his actions in various cutscenes in the original Section 8 and the sequel Section 8: Prejudice, Corde is shown to be a proficient knife fighter.
  • Corde is the poster boy for the Section 8 franchise, appearing in most promotional media.


"The Arm started this war, but Section 8 is going to finish it"

  • Section 8 Field Manual page 35.