ARM Captains Powered Assault Armor image
Arm Captain's Powered Assault Armor
Vital statistics
Type Powered infantry armor
Effects Enhances combat performance
Source Arm of Orion
Cost to buy Unknown
Cost to sell Unknown
The Arm Captain's Powered Assault Armor is a variant of the standard ARM Powered Assault Armor issued to Captains and battlefield commanders by the Arm of Orion.


The Arm Captain's Powered Assault Armor is an armor variant only issued to the higher ranking members of the Orion Rebellion and is far more vibrant than its enlistee counterpart. The Captain's armor features a cream colored armor plating with extra gold shield emitters attached to the sides of the arms. The armor retains its trademark crimson muscle servos.

The most distinguishing feature is a new brilliant cream colored shield with a gold plated Lion of Orion attached to the front, symbolizing the Arm's values of freedom and valor.


  • A Captain's version of the armor is available in the first Section 8, and can be obtained by pre-ordering the game. However, the one code for the armor is not exclusive to pre-ordered copies, and is actually used by all copies of the game regardless of whether it was pre-ordered (the code is 17013214).
  • The Captain's Powered Assault Armor was the first time the Arm's Lion of Orion was revealed.